NDepend — A static code Analyzer.

Recently came across NDepend, static code analysis tool that impressed me with its rich feature and strong emphasis on visual presentation of code architecture and quality.

What is static code Analysis ?

A static code analysis is methodology used to examine the software program without actually running it. This is achieved by analyzing a set of code against set of rules. It helps in early detection of code issue and ensure code quality without adding technical debts.

NDepend Overview

A static code analyzer specifically designed for .NET managed code with excellent visual reporting, supporting tons of code metrics.

A comprehensive dashboard is generated in few seconds providing in-depth details of dependency , quality checks, rules and application metrics.

NDepend provides several flavors like:

  • Visual NDepend — Standalone User interface for code analysis.
  • NDepend console — supports automation scenarios.
  • Visual Studio Extension- Integrated plugin for analysis with VS editor.

Additonally, NDepends provides capabilities to query code base over LINQ queries. (CQlinq)

If this seems to be interesting, I recommend to give it a try, following the link

A illustration of report generated on small project, eventually generated in just few seconds.

Application Matrices:

provides consolidated view of analysis including Technical debt, rating (A-E), quality gates, rules and issues.

Technical debt is concept that implies additional rework caused by not choosing the optimal solution to save time and effort.

Dependency Graph:

This provide complete view dependency between modules which is great help to understand the application.

Graphical view of refactoring/changes :

Any changes or replacement in class may lead to impact on several other components, this can be easily determined by selecting the class in graphical view and then selecting callers in navigation bar.

Quality gates:

It is goal that determines the code quality and can be used to enforced rules to stop codes getting committed to source control.

NDepend offers 14 days of free trail,  which I would personally recommend fellow .NET developers to experience the rich developer friendly product.https://www.ndepend.com/download



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