Integrating Flutter iOS App With Firebase

Yogita Kumar
3 min readDec 28, 2021

Hello friends, we have already seen how to integrate the flutter app to the firebase project for android, you can check here

If you open the firebase project, in the project setting, you can see your android flutter app

Let’s go ahead and integrate this flutter app to iOS with our firebase project.

To build the Flutter iOS app, XCode on Mac is a prerequisite.

Step 1: Open your flutter ios folder in XCode (see the ios folder below )

In XCode, it looks like

**Bundle identifier is important for firebase integration.

Step 2: go back to your firebase project, in project settings, click button - Add app

Select iOS icon in the below window:

Step 3: It will ask you to add Apple bundle ID, please copy the value from the Bundle identifier field displayed in XCode(refer to step 1). Click on the Register app.

Step 4: post-registration of the app, it will prompt you to download GoogleService-Info.plist file, go ahead and download it.

This GoogleService-Info.plist file is a Firebase Apple platforms config file that contains unique, but non-secret identifiers for your project.

Step 5: go to the download location and simple drag and drop your GoogleService-Info.plist file to the Runner folder, it will ask you about confirmation, simply click on Finish

You can see the file is copied successfully and details are available as below:

(view of android studio project)

Step 6: On the firebase project, click on Next (refer step 4, screenshot)

The new window will ask to Add Firebase SDK, click Next, no need to do anything for now.

On Add Initialisation code window, again click Next, nothing to add for now.

Click on “Continue to Console”.

In the project setting, flutter app is now added for iOS

If you want to read about Flutter app with cloud firestore, please refer link

Here we go, now we can run the flutter app on the simulator.

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