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Amazon web services are basically

3. Infrastructure as a service, which means they provide fair servers as service so you don’t need to manage the backup and the power supply of the service.

4. Platform of the service, You can get Java, Ruby, PHP as a service so that you don’t have to manage binaries for these applications.


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Nowadays microservices are more popular. The tool to adopt and write microservices with AWS is the lambda function. AWS Lambda is a serverless compute service that lets you run code without provisioning or managing servers. With AWS Lambda, you can run code for virtually any type of application or backend service - all with zero administration. The real key thing with AWS lambda is it cost only when it runs.

Feature Of AWS Lambda :

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What is a server?

A server is basically a computer designed to run 24/7 and provide service to other people on a network.

If you are using the internet it means you already interacting with a number of servers.

e.g. Web servers that send you web pages, mail servers for communication, file servers to store your files, game servers for entertainment, and so on…

The problem with servers is that they’re not flexible. Hosting your own website on your own server is good but only for limited visitors makes your server idle most of the time. This is called over-provisioning when you’re paying for…

Description : Coding in function alienLanguage, function accept 1 parameter:str. Herestr is a sentence.

We translate the sentence into an alien language according to the following rules:

Each word in the sentence is separated by spaces. The last letter of each word in the sentence turns to lowercase, and the other letters are capitalized. Looks very strange? Because this is the form of alien language ;-)

for example:

alienLanguage("My name is John") should return "My NAMe Is JOHn"
alienLanguage("this is an example") should return "THIs Is An EXAMPLe"
alienLanguage("Hello World") should return "HELLo WORLd"

Solution for string "My name is…

At the time of developing sever-side application first question comes in mind about architecture of software.

What is an architecture?

Software architecture is fundamental structure for application and a way of design your system.


is a set up used for traditional server side system function which is based on a single application. Monolithic architecture is tightly coupled system.

Advantages of Monolithic Architecture:

In the early stage of software development monolithic architecture works well.

A must to have .NET Developers tool.

Recently came across NDepend, static code analysis tool that impressed me with its rich feature and strong emphasis on visual presentation of code architecture and quality.

What is static code Analysis ?

A static code analysis is methodology used to examine the software program without actually running it. This is achieved by analyzing a set of code against set of rules. It helps in early detection of code issue and ensure code quality without adding technical debts.

NDepend Overview

A static code analyzer specifically designed for .NET managed code with excellent visual reporting, supporting tons of code metrics.

A comprehensive dashboard is generated in few seconds providing in-depth…

Cloud Firestore is a NoSQL structured database hosted on cloud and provide enough flexibility and scalability. Cloud Firestore currently has scaling limit around 1 million concurrent connections and approximately 10K operations/sec. It has Collections, documents, fields. On the other side real-time database is giant JSON tree. Data is stored in JSON format.

Using Cloud Firestore in your App.

pre-requisite: Connect existing Flutter app to firebase. if need any details, please refer Quick set up- Integrating Flutter App with Firebase

Step 1: In you Firebase account, choose your project that you want to continue.

Step 2: In left pane, you would…

Flutter and Firebase works together to help you to build mobile applications in record time. Flutter is Google’s SDK for creating mobile apps for iOS and Android device. Firebase works as a backend for mobile apps. It gives you facilities like authentication, database, storage, hosing and many more without maintaining your own server.

Prerequisite : Existing flutter app in which user want to integrate firebase, If yes then start follow from step 2. Otherwise,

Step 1. Create new flutter project in Android Studio

Dart is an open-source general-purpose programming language developed by Google. Dart is an object-oriented language with C-style syntax.

Main target of Dart is to develop flutter applications. As Dart is object-oriented programming language it supports interfaces, classes, collections, generics etc.

You can execute dart program by using online editor at

In situations, where instructions needs to be executed based on certain conditions, these conditional statements are known as decision making statement.

There are 4 types of decision making statements available in dart:

Let’s see in detail:

it evaluates the condition and execute block of code, if condition is true



//block of code


//Next instruction

condition in if statement always return boolean value true/false.

If condition result is true then block of instruction is executed and then next instruction after if block.

And if condition result is…

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