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Flutter dropdown gives you the option to select the item from a list of items available when a user clicks on a button.

The dropdown button helps to save developers from space complexity issues, Mostly when you have a long list of items for selection better option is to put…

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Amazon web services are basically

  1. A global cloud platform that allows you to host and manages services on the internet.
  2. It used by around 80% of Fortune 500 companies to host their infrastructure and it has a lot of services that are provided to their customers.

3. Infrastructure as a…

Description : Coding in function alienLanguage, function accept 1 parameter:str. Herestr is a sentence.

We translate the sentence into an alien language according to the following rules:

Each word in the sentence is separated by spaces. The last letter of each word in the sentence turns to lowercase, and the…

A must to have .NET Developers tool.

Recently came across NDepend, static code analysis tool that impressed me with its rich feature and strong emphasis on visual presentation of code architecture and quality.

What is static code Analysis ?

A static code analysis is methodology used to examine the software program without actually running it. This is achieved by analyzing a set of…

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